Administration & Communication

Our team acts as an extension of your Human Resource team, assisting with open enrollment meetings, claim and billing resolution, eligibility and enrollment questions, COBRA and HIPAA compliance, and more. Our goal is to customize our service offerings to your business needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Troubleshoot Claims and Billing Issues
  • Benefits & HR Administration
  • Analyze Cost Effective Solutions and Plan Development
  • Coordinate with carrier to resolve issues
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Plan Announcement Letters
  • Benefits Literature
  • Presentation Support
  • Employee Surveys & Booklets
  • Wellness & Productivity
  • Cobra Administration
  • 5500 Filing

Case Study: Claims to Fame

A prospective client called our employee benefits department as they did not have any medical insurance and also needed help on pending bills with a hospital and physicians.  We were successful in assisting this individual with reducing their bills by approximately 40%. We were also able to underwrite an affordable individual medical plan for our new client.

Case Study: Prescription Strength Resolution

A long standing client called on a Tuesday afternoon seeking advice on how to appeal a prescription denial from their insurance company. The client explained that the reason for the denial was that the insurance company advised there were other treatment plans that must be adhered to before they would approve this particular medication. After obtaining a second opinion from another doctor who recommended the same medication, the doctor and the client wanted to appeal the insurance company's decision. However, before doing so, they wanted to ensure that this would not cause a blemish on their file. Our knowledgeable advisor assured them that it would not, but before they went through the trouble of having the doctor appeal it, we would reach out to the insurance company on their behalf and make every effort to get the matter resolved. Needless to say, with just one diligent e-mail to the insurance company, the prescription was approved before the end of the business day that following Thursday.


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