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The medical insurance landscape is ever changing and we understand that there are many questions for individual insurance plans. We provide personalized consultations to help clients find an affordable plan for their needs.

Our products and services include but are not limited to:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Long Term Care

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Case Study: Missing Identity

A client called late one Friday evening from an urgent care center regarding their sick infant. The client had just enrolled in the health plan and had not yet received insurance ID cards, so the urgent care facility refused to see the child and the client was turned away. Desperate and fearful, our client called our office for assistance. A Momentous team member was able to conduct a three-way conversation with the provider, the insurance company and the pharmacy to verify our client and child's eligibility. The providers were satisfied, and the baby received the care it needed.

Case Study: Life Saving Reinstatement

A client needed assistance to get their individual medical policy reinstated with an insurance company. The carrier advised this client that they weren't able to reinstate the policy, as the client was covered under the Post MRMIP Graduate Plan. The carrier indicated that these type of policies cannot be reinstated when the policy is cancelled for non-payment of premium. The problem... client has a medical condition that is not insurable in the marketplace. In addition, the client is not eligible for MRMIP re-enrollment at all. The client was reaching out to us in a panic, as without the coverage they would not be able to afford the monthly prescriptions needed to stay alive. Our team ardently explored all different directions to see what we could do. In the end, we reviewed the policy booklet for this member, which stipulated that the client could reinstate the policy within 15 days of a cancellation notice. With this in mind, we advised the carrier to reinstate the policy and they did. The great news, the client is now able to continue paying for their expensive, life saving medication.

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