Private Collections

If you can collect it, we can insure it. Whether your collection consists of jewelry, fine arts, sports memorabilia, antiques, furnishings, firearms, silverware, furs, computer equipment, wine, or even bicycles, our experts have the ability to fully customize a collections policy.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • In-house fine arts expert
  • Worldwide, whether in transit, storage, on loan or exhibit, or on consignment
  • "All Risk" coverage - earthquake, breakage, mysterious disappearance
  • Manuscript policy provisions
  • Counsel, inventory and analysis on art acquisition
  • Collections management advice to limit claims frequency and severity
  • Referrals to qualified and reputable appraisers, framers, packers and shippers

Case Studies: Double Indemnity

An extremely fragile $100,000,000 collection posed a special dilemma for one client. Housed in Los Angeles, the collection had suffered several costly breakage losses, some from the 1994 earthquake. Though paying $200,000 a year to insure, they still didn't have full earthquake coverage. They needed protection from loss AND a lower premium. The situation required a creative solution. Momentous contacted an out-of-state museum. We arranged to have its director and curator of collections fly to L.A. and pack the items. We then transported them to the museum where they're now safely kept - free from earthquake risk. The collection is now fully insured for less than 20% of the original premium. And the client is delighted.

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