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Because we insure more than 500 athletes, we’ve come to understand the main questions they and their advisors have when it comes to insurance. In an effort to anticipate some of your needs, we've provided the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

1. I just got traded to a new team. How do I get insurance quickly?

We specialize in assisting people who are busy and need to get insurance in effect quickly. By using our strength in the industry, we can help get insurance in place for our clients whether they are traded to Boston or San Francisco.

2. I have a foundation that has summer camps. Am I protected by my Homeowners?

No, your homeowners insurance would not protect you. However, Momentous has access to some specialty programs for sports camp insurance. We will be able to provide coverage for the camp itself and accident protection for the participants.

3. I have some points on my driving record and drive a sports car. Can I still get car insurance for a reasonable price?

We have been able to provide insurance to those drivers who have had a string of bad luck. With many states where it is mandatory to carry auto insurance, we can get this coverage in effect for you and insure your high performance vehicle.

4. I have been asked to endorse a health product. What insurance questions should I ask?

The important details are in the endorsement contract that you are signing. Key points include:
  • Who will hold whom harmless?
  • What are the insurance limits of the manufacturer?
  • Are there any appearances that you need to make to promote the product?

Always have a qualified attorney and insurance advisor review the terms and conditions to look after your best interests. Momentous performs complementary contract reviews for all its clients and would be glad to assist.

5. I manage an amateur sports team and need to get insurance so we can practice at the city fields. What should I do?

You can check with your league or have Momentous write a special policy that provides the necessary insurance protection.

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