FMLA Leave of Absence Solutions

Published: March 20, 2018

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and related state leave laws can be difficult for employers to understand, which makes compliance a time-consuming task. Employers often underestimate the complexity of these laws, and smaller employers may not have the resources to adequately and efficiently administer FMLA leaves of absence.

Handled incorrectly, an FMLA-related leave can turn into a business risk, putting employers and management in a position to be held liable for a possible mishandled situation. In recent years, lawsuits for violating FMLA regulations have cost employers millions of dollars.

Employers have two choices when administering FMLA leaves. They can rely on their own HR Team to figure out how to administer FMLA leaves accurately and efficiently, and retain the risks associated with noncompliance. Or, they can save time and money by using a leave administration expert.

Momentous Insurance Brokerage works with employers to help find the best plan administrator to manage FMLA-related leaves of absence. These types of services include:

  • Determination of leave eligibility
  • Approval/denial correspondence
  • Secure tracking of all employee requests and absences
  • Tracking leaves and disability claims concurrently
  • Complete documentation for each case
  • Detailed reports on employee usage
  • Access to FMLA specialists and attorneys
  • Online tracking tools and resources

These services can help an employer reduce employee misuse and provide resources for managers to use as they oversee FMLA-related absences. The result is reduced costs and improved efficiency.

At the end of a work day it is important to know that your HR Team has a dedicated FMLA Administrator backing them to manage FMLA cases from start to finish.  These dedicated administration teams will respond to employee requests, explain the employer’s FMLA policies, determine eligibility, track FMLA time taken and document compliance with state and federal requirements from beginning to end, allowing employers to remain in compliance with their obligations.

In addition to tracking and documenting FMLA cases, these administrators partner with the employer and its HR professionals to minimize the business interruptions that can accompany FMLA absences. They provide guidance on individual FMLA cases, coordinate complex cases that combine multiple benefit areas and oversee the return-to-work process when employees complete their leave. They also provide utilization reports that account for the individual employees on leave, the employees’ qualifying events and their anticipated return to work. These reports allow managers and supervisors to better plan their staffing requirements and review much of their FMLA activity online.

To find out how we can assist your Executive & HR Team remain in compliance and design a solution that meets your needs, please contact Sherrie Zenter, Sr. Vice President, Momentous Insurance Brokerage at 818-933-2739 or for a no obligation meeting.