Momentous is committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients. Because insurance information can be extremely sensitive, we take every precaution to keep our client's materials confidential and secure at all times.

Document Imaging Solutions for Business Managers Certificate Management Software

The internet and mobile communication devices have created a fast-paced world where clients expect instantaneous service and innovative solutions. Technology solutions for insurance matters have proven to not only meet those expectations, but to increase productivity, reduce costs and save time. One way we can help take you to the next level and realize these technological benefits is through the simple and convenient use of digital imaging technology. Using our document imaging software, you can digitally access all policies, invoices, insurance summaries and more.

Benefits of Policy Imaging
  • Increased efficiency¬†using in-house designed tools that integrate directly with business manager platforms
  • Improved processing time for policies and invoices
  • Convenient “one-stop” access for key members of your team
  • Remote access for key personnel
  • Environmentally friendly

Documents can be uploaded via a secure, encrypted FTP server or VPN that is set up and maintained by you – or we can provide an encrypted CD or USB drive on a set delivery schedule.

Your designated technology coordinator will work with you to set up a method according to your security preferences.

Steps to Implement

Momentous is ready to begin paperless imaging when you are, and we will partner with you to help set it up. We will discuss the bests method of upload for your IT department and establish a schedule of document upload/delivery.